Satellite TV Deals: USA

It is a renowned fact nowadays that the satellite Television market is primarily controlled by two well-known companies of USA and the name of these two companies are DirecTV and Dish Network. So if you are a person who is willing to have satellite television in his/her home then the choices which you have are very much limited .Of course the  packages are either offered by DirecTV or Dish Network. In the below mentioned paragraphs we will see the Satellite TV Deals offered by DirecTV.


DirecTV is basically the name of a DBS or in other words is a direct broadcast satellite service. Almost every household of the United States is catered by it. The company is being owned and operated by the DirecTV Group. The company is also the subsidiary of Fox Entertainment Group. The DirecTV was launched back in the year 1994 and since then it has been a recognized dominant force in the US Market.  635524261979010009-111771550

Though the packages offered by the company are several however keeping into consideration the length of this article we will be sharing with you some of the major packages. These packages are as follows

  • The name of the first package is family package. This package is for the beginners and in a very limited budget you and your family can enjoy some of the most entertaining channels. Under this package you will be able to get access to around 40 different channels containing family oriented programs
  • The second package which is offered by DirecTV is named as the choice package. This is one of the best packages which the company is currently providing. Under this package you have access to around 140 different channels. All of these channels are satellite TV programmed. The programs usually involve movies, family programs and sports etc.
  • The third package which has gained a lot of popularity in recent years is that of “Xtra”. The package is ideal for all those people who love variety and who do not entertain the DVR which of course is used for recording the programs.
  • The fourth package is the plus package; this package provides the customers with an access to 185 different channels. The DVR service is also provided along with this package. Programs are more related to music, movie and family programs etc.
  • The fifth package is the Plus HD package. This package contains 195 different channels of the world including specialty programs, movies, sports and music as well. There are around 41 HD channels provided along with this package. The DVR service is also very much their which is an added advantage.
  • The sixth package which is pretty popular is Premier Package. The package is ideal for all those people who are television maniacs. Under the package a customer has an access to 250 channels more related to family programs, music, movies and sports etc.

Similar kind of packages are also being provided by dish network, we hope that this article has given you good insights about the Satellite TV Deals in USA.

Television! Well, this is a technology present in every home where all the residents have their own taste for it but they enjoy watching it. If you are kid then you would love to watch your favorite cartoons, if a female elder then maybe some cooking show or a season/drama, if a male elder, probably sports or news, and the list goes on. The point is, we all love to watch TV. Though with the liberty of internet nowadays, you can enjoy the same on your laptops or PCs but this too has not reduced the love for watching your favorite show on TV. And you all better know very well that signals for TV are caught by satellites present in the atmosphere.

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