DirecTV: Direct Broadcast Satellite

DirecTV is the largest satellite television provider in the United States of America. The DirecTV is basically a satellite system which is catering to around 30 million US customers at the moment. The company has gained lot of fame in the US market due to the exceptional services which it is providing and also due to the marketing and publicity campaigns which it has launched in the recent years. The company has actually become a brand in USA and leads the Direct Broadcast Satellite domain in the US Market.

DirecTV: What is it?

directv-logo-fb-150x150The DirecTV is often referred to as DTV as well. The company was the first DBS service in North America which went live in the year 1994. At the moment the company is catering around 93% of the US customers and it also covers the important regions of Alaska and Hawaii. In every US home you will see an 18 inch dish at the roof top, this small dish is the indicator that someone in the house is availing the satellite services of DirecTV.  The dishes which are being utilized by DirecTV are usually of oval shape.

DirecTV: Offerings

The DirecTV has many potential offerings and it is due to its wonderful portfolio that the DirecTV has been able to capture the majority of the US Market. Some of these offerings are as follows

  • att-buys-directvThe DirecTV offers the High definition television, which means that as a consumer one can enjoy his or her favorite shows on high definition screen with image as clear as crystal.
  • The 4K ultra-high definition content was first introduced in the US Market by DirecTV and the precise year was 2014. However the 4K offering could only be utilized by people who possess the “DirecTV 4K Ready” televisions. These televisions had the ability to support RVU protocol. The DirecTV also introduced the Mini set-top boxes (4K) in the year 2015. The device could be easily connected to any HDMI devices.
  • The local channels such as Univision, CBS, PBS, Fox, NBC and CW are also offered by DirecTV. This surely served as an added advantage for the consumers

Exceptional Customer Services:

The J.D. power award was given to the DirecTV in the year 2007. The award meant that the company’s overall customers were highly satisfied with its services and offerings. There are many call centers owned by third parties which are committed towards providing customer services for Direct TV. Some of the call centers are working with in the United States of America and many others are outside as well.

The DirecTV continues to grow in the US market and perhaps the main reason behind its success fairy tale is the excellent services and features which it is providing. The company continues to satisfy its current customer base and one should not get surprised if this trend continues for another decade or so. Moreover the company has only one serious competitor which is an added advantage for it.

Television! Well, this is a technology present in every home where all the residents have their own taste for it but they enjoy watching it. If you are kid then you would love to watch your favorite cartoons, if a female elder then maybe some cooking show or a season/drama, if a male elder, probably sports or news, and the list goes on. The point is, we all love to watch TV. Though with the liberty of internet nowadays, you can enjoy the same on your laptops or PCs but this too has not reduced the love for watching your favorite show on TV. And you all better know very well that signals for TV are caught by satellites present in the atmosphere.

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