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The concept of digital television is not new and in a developed country like United States of America the utilization of digital television is in abundance. Hardly will you find Analog Televisions in USA now. The Digital Television is the future of television technology. The previous Analog television was replaced by the digital television which itself was created by some professional engineers, programmers and broadcasters. In USA there are several ways through which digital television broadcasts can be received. Some of these ways are cable, satellite, internet and OTA.

Standards: USA

As far as the digital television broadcast is concerned, the ATSC standards are being followed in USA. The purpose of these standards is to define essential aspects like transmission criteria and format. The transmission criteria and the format are very essential as far as fairness, consistency and accessibility for the consumers is concerned. Same goes for the manufacturers of the equipment in USA.

Standards: Format

There are at the moment five different formats of Digital television that are being currently broadcasted all over the USA, these ATSC formats are as followsterrestrial_planet_sizes

  • High definition(1080p)
  • Standard definition(480i)
  • High definition(1080i)
  • High definition(720p)
  • Enhanced definition(480p)

In most of the cases the television sets which are sold all over USA are equipped with a display of 16:9 aspect ratios. This mentioned display helps the television sets in the showing of HDTV content.

Standards of Transmission:

The transmission standards that are being followed in the United States of America are basically two. We will discuss each separately:


On 12th of June, 2009 it was decided that Analog television broadcast won’t be used in the United States. After this date by law all the OTA stations in USA had to transfer totally to digital broadcasts and if they cannot do so then they had to stop their complete operations. The Digital television broadcast is now widespread in US and is available in almost all the major regions of the country. On the same station these transmission carry both high as well as standard definition.

In order to receive digital transmission within a distance of 35-40 miles from the stations, equipment like an Antenna is necessary. However even this antenna will be able to provide digital transmissions on some of the channels not all. For proper transmission a television set must be equipped with an ATSC tuner. The common problem which people usually face is that of signal disturbance which may happen due to wind and snowfall etc.


Satellite and Cable:

44k-1khzMost of the citizens of USA are enjoying the digital broadcast either through satellite or cable. ANSI/SCTE transmission standards must be followed by Digital cable television systems if they have the capacity (activated channel) of 750 MHZ or greater.

The Digital Television is not restricted to US only, rather the technology has been welcomed by open arms by the masses due to exceptional benefits it is providing. Today Digital Television broadcast is available in several countries of the world.

Television! Well, this is a technology present in every home where all the residents have their own taste for it but they enjoy watching it. If you are kid then you would love to watch your favorite cartoons, if a female elder then maybe some cooking show or a season/drama, if a male elder, probably sports or news, and the list goes on. The point is, we all love to watch TV. Though with the liberty of internet nowadays, you can enjoy the same on your laptops or PCs but this too has not reduced the love for watching your favorite show on TV. And you all better know very well that signals for TV are caught by satellites present in the atmosphere.
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