Digital Television: An Insight


The name which has been given to the next generation of video broadcast technology is digital television. Before the digital television technology rocked the markets, the previous technology widely used was known as the analog television. The Analog system was developed in the 1950’s and was considered a dominant force in the market Until the digital television emerged in the 21st century. The brains which worked behind the creation of the digital television were some of the best engineers, programmers and broadcasters of the time and the main10800_540 aim was to produce a product which was cutting edge and which provided consumers with right value for their money.

The Digital television basically converts the content i: e the videos and the films into images of digital nature. The transmission of the video or the audio takes place through multiplexed signals which are digitally processed. As opposed to it the Analog television utilizes the signals which are both analog and channel separated. The Digital television has been a real innovation and it can be said that it has created an absolute revolution as far as Television technology is concerned. The Digital Television is available in several countries of the world now which are implementing diverse systems of broadcasting.

Reason behind the Switch:

There is no doubt that the benefits of Analog television can never be negated, however the issue with the holistic market in which we are living is that the competition is very intense in the technology sector. Every day new technology takes over the old one and naturally the new technology has always been better as compared to the old. So the trend of the technology sector is such that something good is replaced by something better.

The Digital Television actually changes the signals that are required for broadcasting. The Digital television signals utilizes lesser bandwidth which actually means that over the airwaves more programming can be directed which ultimately provides the consumer with a better quality.

From Analog to Digital: How did it happen?

The FCC (The Federal Communications Commission) planned the switch back in the year 1996. In the year 2007 i:e on March 1st it was decided that the televisions which will be manufactured or imported in the United States Of America fcc-altlogo-svg_must  be equipped with both Analog and Digital Turner. In the year 2008 digital broadcasting was launched by various stations. Slowly and gradually there was a shift from Analog to Digital and by June 12th, 2009 the stations stopped sending the Analog Signals all together.

The planning was exceptional and perfect, as the consumers who had bought the television on 1st March 2007 were in a very comfortable position as their Televisions were equipped with both Digital and Analog turner, hence switching was not an issue for them. The entire switching process overall was pretty smooth

The Digital Television is the future as far as television technology is concerned; however we have to see for how many years this new technology will survive. The way the world is enhancing in technology we may expect something better in the future.

Television! Well, this is a technology present in every home where all the residents have their own taste for it but they enjoy watching it. If you are kid then you would love to watch your favorite cartoons, if a female elder then maybe some cooking show or a season/drama, if a male elder, probably sports or news, and the list goes on. The point is, we all love to watch TV. Though with the liberty of internet nowadays, you can enjoy the same on your laptops or PCs but this too has not reduced the love for watching your favorite show on TV. And you all better know very well that signals for TV are caught by satellites present in the atmosphere.

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