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Jersey Shore Season 4 Hits MTV Tonight

Jersey Shore Season 4

It’s summer guys and our very own Jersey Shore gonna be back for its fourth season tonight at 10 PM on MTV (DISH Network channel number 160)! And this time they are taking us on a trip to Italy! Yippee!

I am sure that you too are all excited to see Jersey + Italy =?

Well the equation is not as easy as it seems. According to some Jersey + Italy = High art + The lowest of the low-brow. While some other thinks it’s gonna be a cultural clash. Whatever, it might be, from the promos, we found it pretty great!

Some viewers do have a doubt about the Italian origin of the guidos and guidettes, since Pauly D call a Panino a “Sangwitch” and Snooki’s skin looks more “oompa loompa than orange”. Apart from that, there is also huge cultural difference between the Jersey lifestyle and a true Italian way of life. And in Season 4 when the Juiceheads go back to its roots (?) the cultural clash is bound to become prominent.

Of course there will be some usual relationship drama, fist-pumping and GTL –ing! But other than that you will get some brand new kind of fun involving Italy, the land of renaissance. Could this be time for a renaissance for this unique brand of fist-pumping “Italian?” We doubt!

Whatever it turns out, Jersey Shore season 4 is surely going to be pretty awesome! So get ready to have a great time with the amazing new season of ‘Jersey Shore’ tonight at 10 PM on MTV (DISH Network channel number 160). You will also be able to watch the show on DISH HD mode.

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