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This Independence Day, Enjoy The Freedom of Watching TV Anytime Anywhere With DISH Network!!!

July 4 DISH Network

Happy Independence Day Ladies and Gentlemen!

Today, break free from cable TV and enjoy the freedom of a true TV Everywhere service with DISH Network. Yeah, that’s right. DISH Network is the only pay TV provider that can bring you a TV Everywhere service true to its name. With its amazing features you can get rid of the wires forever and enjoy complete freedom of watching TV. This makes it the perfect Independence Day gift you can give to yourself and your family.

Let’s put it this way, what services do you expect from a TV Everywhere service? There are some most common answers to this question.

Access it from anywhere (Literally)

DISH Network TV everywhere service can be accessed through internet from anywhere. So if you have a compatible video device connected to the internet, you will be able to watch your favorite TV shows via

Watch TV on Any Device

DISH Network TV Everywhere comes with the DISH Remote Access app that allows DISH Network viewers to enjoy TV on laptop, Tablet and compatible mobile device. No other pay TV provider can beat that!

Watch TV Recording, Live TV and Online TV Anytime

With the help of ViP 922 SlingLoadedDVR or a Sling Adapter with a ViP722 or 722K HD DuoDVR connected to the internet, DISH Network subscribers can enjoy:

No other pay TV provider can offer you such variety.

DISH Network TV Everywhere Components:

With DISH Network TV Everywhere you will have some amazing components including:

  • TV Everywhere Sling Adapter
  • ViP® 922, ViP722 or 722K
  • DISH Remote Access Mobile Application

Each of these will help you get a better TV experience anytime anywhere. And the best part is that you do not have to pay anything additional to enjoy TV Everywhere on a regular basis. Just purchasing ViP 922 would suffice. Why not enjoy the freedom this Independence Day?

Free TV Everywhere

What if this freedom comes with free goodies???!!! That’s right! DISH Remote Access mobile application is a free app from DISH Network. And for a limited period of time, DISH Network is offering DISH Network TV Everywhere Sling Adapter worth $99 value absolutely free* to its new and former customers! There are some 99 cents movies on DISH Cinema as a part of  the DISH Network Independence Day offering as well. What can be more rewarding that this?

So, why waste time? Bring DISH Network home today! Call us at 1-888-209-8226 (Promotion code: 2010) to order DISH Network today!

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