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Watch Out Big Brother Season 13 Premieres on CBS

Big Brother Season 13

Big Brother is watching you’. Yes… Not kidding guys. Big Brother is back with its Season 13 premieres tonight at 9PM ET/PT at CBS, on Dish Network. Isn’t it amazing folks?  All the spicy gossips, delicious scandals and actions are back with a bang yet again in this never say die CBS series.

Season 13 Big Brother brings something new!  8 new contestants along with some returning contestants who were tagged as the “dynamic duos” in previous seasons will surely entertain you and add spice to your daily routine.  But for the time being check out the Big Brother Season 13 new contestants.

Big Brother Season 13 Cast

  1. Keith Henderso (32)
    Occupation: Human Resources Manager
    Resident of: Boilingbrook, IL
  2. Lawon Exum (29)
    Occupation: Legal File Clerk
    Resident of: Inglewood, CA
  3. Porsche Briggs
    Occupation: VIP Cocktail Waitress
    Resident of: Miami, FL.
  4. Adam Poch (39)
    Occupation: Music Inventory Manager
    Resident of: Hoboken, NJ
  5. Cassi Colvin (26)
    Occupation: Model
    Resident of: Nashville, TN.
  6. Dominic Briones
    Occupation: College Student
    Resident of: San Mateo, CA.
  7. Kalia Booker (30)
    Occupation: writer
    Resident of: Los Angeles, CA.
  8. Shelly Moore (41)
    Occupation: Outdoors Industry Executive
    Resident of: Prairieville, LA.

With more than 50 cameras and microphones outfitted throughout the house get ready to catch each and every action of the houseguests in this CBS series.  The house guests compete in various competitions each week with one person eliminated out of the house on each Thursday night until the last person standing receives the grand prize of $500,000.

Wondering about the house where the contestants will stay this season? Well, here comes a detailed description only and only for die hard Big Brother Season 13 fans. The theme of the house this season is of a Venice, CA theme as this time the show is filmed in Los Angeles.

The contestants will have a gala time with surfboards, bikes, barbecues, graffiti, a weightlifting station and even a tarot card reader! Don’t miss the pool and a hot tub in the back yard. There’s a colorful bedroom which is inspired by Katy Perry, and one of brushed steel inspired by architect Frank Gehry.

HOW EXCITING IS THAT!!! So dare not miss this immensely popular reality show Big Brother Season 13 which premieres tonight Thursdays at 9PM ET/PT at CBS, on Dish Network.

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