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7 Lies Your Cable TV Provider Tells You

7 Lies Your Cable TV Provider Tells You

It’s The Most Cost Effective Option

Well, in respect to some satellite TV provider, yes… but not all! Take DISH Network for example. While any basic cable TV package starts at $29, DISH Network packages start from $ 24.99 a month! Yeah …right! So, they can’t claim to be the most cost effective option.

It’s Reliable

Roll your eyes at that! They say satellite TV signals are likely to get interrupted whenever there’s a rain, snow or any other natural calamity (Cut this crap – It happened longtime back. We know people who got satellite TV signals even after 2 days of snowing) while cable TV do not get interrupted by any of these things. But what about… umm… torn cables? It takes an uncertain amount of time to repair the cable once its torn. And you talk about reliability!

Unlike Satellite TV It Requires No Additional Equipments to Purchase

Darn…another lie to glorify their already passé cable TV! These days you do not need to buy any equipment. The equipments are leased and if one goes for agreement, the satellite TV providers like DISH Network offer free installation and equipments for up to 6 rooms.

You Can Get Most of Your Favorite Channels in HD

Yeah, right! Cable TV providers offer at the best 160 channels in HD whereas DISH Network, the Leading satellite TV provider for HD entertainment brings you over 200 HD channels. So count the channels and you will find the discrepancy.

Unlike Satellite TV You Get Your Local Channels Free

Do your homework cable TV providers! Satellite TV provider too offer the local channels for free. In over 98% markets across the country DISH Network offer local channels in HD!

You Get Standard Professional Installation (with Most Packages)

Read the fine prints dude – ‘with Most Packages’! Whereas, DISH Network brings you free standard professional installation with all of its core packages. Now isn’t that a better deal?

It Has All You Want To Watch

How dare they determine what you want to watch? You may want to watch Bad Girls Club one day and Veria TV (Did we mention, DISH Network offers Veria TV in HD these days?) the next. Go on! Who’s stopping you? DISH Network offers the most amazing variety of channels that brings you the finest assortment of programs.

They Have the Highest Number of Satisfied Clientele

The ratings don’t lie folks! For the past two years DISH Network attained the highest rate of customer satisfaction as per American Customer Satisfaction Index and has scored much higher rating than cable TV providers in the past.

See these for yourself and take an informed decision! Buy DISH Network, Make a wise DISH-i-sion! Call Now 1-888-209-8226 (Promo: FB1010).

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